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Tractor Model BT200 BT300 BT400

*See your dealer for more details.

T233 HST it fits!  
T273 HST it fits!    
T293 HST it fits!    
T300   it fits!  
T350   it fits!  
T353/HST   it fits!  
T433/Cab     it fits!
T503/Cab     it fits!
T603/Cab/PS     it fits!




Standard Bucket Size BT200 BT300 BT400

*Standard Bucket Size. N/A Bucketsize will not fit that model backhoe.

12" it fits!    
16"   it fits!  
18"     it fits!
36" N/A   N/A


TYM backhoes are specifically designed and fabricated for TYM models and provide the ability to perform an almost endless number of lifting and loading tasks.

All TYM Backhoes feature a transportation safety lock. BT300 Featured.

Safety lock is standard in all TYM Backhoes. BT300 Featured.