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"The TYM 353 tractor we purchased last December has worked out very well for us.   We live in the foothills of Mount Spokane on the Idaho side and have 6 to 8 feet of snow every winter.   I had looked at the original TYM but held out for the new version because of the 4 cylinder Mitsubishi engine,  the way the Hydraulic cables had been routed to be protected against damage driving thru brush, (along with protector over Hydraulic hoses in front and on top) and the 4 biggest selling points were:

1.)  it was low enough to easily climb in and out of in one step.  (others in the 35-45 HP range took 2 steps to get into) 
2.) The Hydrostatic Transmission (my wife can even safely drive it)
3.) The tight turning radius.  I had a smaller 24 Horse tractor that I upgraded from and this 35 HP actually turns tighter then the older 1995 Kubota replaced.
4.) The Special Tires that came as an upgrade on the rear.  These are 43-16-20    With the taller sidewalls I anticipate less chance of branches pushing in the sidewalls when traveling thru brush.   The overall size of the tires means when liquid filled with beet juice the tractor is very stable on side slopes.

I have already put around 80 hours on the tractor in 3 months time.  I use it daily as I have an old growth tree farm and am constantly cutting firewood or skidding logs or improving fire access trails.  (And of course snow plowing) 

Purchasing our TYM from Jordan Sales and Service in Post Falls, Idaho was a 5 Star experience!  Terry Jordan and his team are all about customer service.  They took an exceptional amount of time to make sure we were purchasing  just the right TYM for our needs and wants.  We would highly recommend their dealership to anyone wanting to purchase a tractor. "

Chuck Eixenberger
Teena Eixenberger
Rathdrum, ID

*Chuck Eixenberger (pictured above) puts his T353 to work!


"The T1003 we traded for has been used for removing about 3 acres of trees in a wooded area, lots of lifting work with a pallet fork attachment and the loader bucket, I have also used the T1003 for moving big round bales of hay and some leveling and smoothing work on our driveway.  The quality if the T1003 is better than the quality of the competitive brand of tractor I traded in.  The fit and finish of the T1003 is as good as the big green ones I have owned.  The turning radius  and maneuverability are impressive, the hydraulics are precise and responsive and provide plenty of power and volume.  I particularly like the power shuttle on the T1003,  it is modulated so the shifting from forward to reverse and back again is smooth and effortless. The T1003 has electrohydraulic engagement and disengagement of the front wheel drive along with the PTO, the four wheel drive also has an automatic feature that disengages the front wheels when they steer more than 20 degrees left or right. The three point hitch lifts my 2800 lb. ballast box I use with no trouble.  The T1003 is an imressive tractor: It has a Caterpillar engine and a five year warranty both of which offer peace of mind."

Dave Wiggins
Dwiggins Farm Co, Gibbon, NE



*Dave Wiggins (pictured above) and his T1003 work diligently in the field.

"Our T700 tractor is proving to be very valuable on our 1500 acre corn farming operation in south central NE. We have used it to dig post holes, auger corn, pull out old fence posts, repair driveways, and clear out 3 acres of forest with a grapple attachment.  We presently have 250 hours on it in only four months and there are no fluid leaks so far. Our "Hats off to "Timmy"".  The 70 hp John Deere engine has plenty of power to run medium-sized implements such as our 13"X91' auger all while being very fuel efficient.  The 5 year warranty was also an attractive feature and we are very pleased with the quality of our TYM T700 tractor and loader.  We find ourselves using our T700 everyday"

Dan Mercer
Mercer Farms Inc. Gibbon, NE


Dan Mercer (pictured above) preps his field using a T700.




"I bought the tractor (T233) in September 2008 and I love it.  We had 6 feet of snow last winter,  16" over a 4-hour period.  I plowed out the whole neighborhood.  The tractor is fun but practical, an ideal little tractor for snow removal, pulling stumps and digging up trees."

Dean Opsal
Hayden Lake, ID



*Dean Opsal (pictured above) wastes no time in the snow on his T233.