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(Wilson, NC) Winter 2010 - 2010 is drawing to a close and I would like to thank all our dealers, customers and staff for making this a record year for TYM Tractor sales. As I look back I see the success of our promotions and financing programs. Yes, these marketing programs do cost a large amount of money. However, this investment effectively publicized the TYM brand and provided you the opportunity to increase sales for TYM tractors. In 2010 we bought market share and for 2011 we intend to build on that growth with financing programs as aggressive as we can make them within the limits of our budget. We will continue to compete well in the market place if we keep on showing our potential customers the true differences in the standard specs of our tractors compared to those of our competition.  


(Wilson, NC) Fall 2010 - Where does the time go, it seems as if I wrote my last message only yesterday. I am very happy to report that the last quarter was again, a record setting one for TYM Tractor sales in the US. We continue to build on this growth as we make our way through the dog days of summer and approach the cooler fall months. I am pleased to announce that we will have a snow blower available for our 23 - 29 horsepower tractors in November. In fact, it appears we may have already pre-sold our entire supply. Thank you to all the dealers who placed orders. The combination of the snow blower and the cab will be attractive to buyers and will help promote new sales for the upcoming snow season. We will continue to evaluate new attachments for the TYM tractors and introduce them gradually as time goes on with the goal of being able to offer a complete TYM tractor/attachment branded package.   (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) Summer 2010 - By the time you read this newsletter Summer will be fully upon us. What a busy time it has been this last six months. Our retail finance programs have proven to be very successful (and the best in the business) and now we are looking toward the future and deciding what we can do next to promote our line not only for you, our dealer, but also our retail customers. We will be exploring many ideas to promote our tractor line and stay competitive with other tractor brands. As always, I ask you to compare features and specifications that are standard on our tractors and only options on other brands.   (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) Spring 2010 - It’s hard to believe that we are already three months into the year and I am happy to report that TYM Tractor sales continue to increase.We do see the challenges that face us as the push by all companies to increase market share continues even more aggressively than in the past. We are confident that we offer products that are equal or even superior to those offered by our competition. Even though TYM already provides real value for the money, with our tractors including many standard features that our competition charges “extra” for, we have created new, aggressive financing choices that will help you purchase from TYM.   (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) Winter 2009 - I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere wishes to you all for a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Very Prosperous New Year. While the economy this year has continued to be weak and we have seen announcements from our larger competitors of their sales being off up to 40%, we have been blessed with much better figures and it appears that we will end the year with our sales comparable to those achieved in 2008. We were only able to accomplish this with the dedication of you, our dealers and our retail customers who saw the value of the TYM Tractor and decided to purchase ours over our competition.   (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) Fall 2009 - It is my pleasure to welcome all the new dealers that have joined Team TYM over the last few months. You have spent a lot of time and research comparing products from all our competitors and we are proud that you have chosen to represent TYM Tractors. We will do everything we can to show you that your decision was the correct one. Also a big thank you to our current dealers, we know how hard you work to make yourself and TYM successful. An extra special thank you to our retail customers, you have compared us to our competition and realized that even with all the extra standard features we give you compared with the option prices of other brands, TYM Tractors offer value for price paid.  (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) Summer 2009 - In 2001 I was asked by our Chairman to start a TYM Tractor import and distribution company for the West Coast. The first thing I did was to hire Dale Owen who I had worked with during my Lely days and had known for almost twenty years. I knew he was the man for the job; his experience in this market was tried, tested and proven. Together he and I built TYM from the ground up, from the first "depot", a dealer’s yard, to the second "depot", a barn with a dirt floor, to the fine Redmond facility we have now, which incidentally Dale oversaw from start to finish.  (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) April 2009 - HY Kim, the Chairman of TYM, was delighted to meet many of our Dealers at our January TYM National Dealers Meeting held in Wilson, NC.   His heartfelt message, given at the start of the meeting, bears repeating for all of our Dealers and their Customers. Starting on an encouraging note, Chairman Kim shared with us that in most of northern Asia, snowfall, on an Opening Day of a factory or company, is viewed as a very great and auspicious sign.  This certainly set the crowd at ease since NC had been surprised with over 5 inches of snow….a rarity in our State that had made travel for many of our visitors a bit chaotic!  (Click here to read more)


(Wilson, NC) January 2009 - It is my pleasure to contribute to the re-birth of “The News TYM Quarterly” under its new banner “The TYM Times”. We will be publishing this newsletter in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter both on our website and also in print for you, our dealer family, to hand out in your business. We will include new programs, specials, etc. in each issue to keep you informed. (Click here to read more)